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Unity's WebGL Framework Hinders SALSA

WebGL's Audio Feature-set is Very Limited

We've all heard how cool the new WebGL framework will be and we all know how questionable the existing webplayer platform is. Unfortunately, the current WebGL implementation is very lacking in audio processing functionality -- the very functionality that SALSA needs to operate. Unity has been somewhat open about their expectations in the forums lately, concerning the audio layer -- 'not a priority and not on the timeline'. Recently, we discovered they are not leveraging the same API set (f*mod).

This API is not supported and won't be any time soon - we are not using FMOD on WebGL, but a custom audio layer using the Web Audio API (which is somewhat limited in what it can do). -Jonas (Unity Technologies)

All of that being said, the future looks somewhat bleak for web-based SALSA publications -- and please note, this only pertains to web-based deployment (SALSA continues to run strongly on all other platforms). We will monitor progress on WebGL as Unity releases information about it. On the bright side, as long as Unity continues to support the webplayer platform and browsers continue to support the infrastructure, SALSA does have a home on the web. Unfortunately, we've already seen Chrome cutting support.


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