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MorphMixer is an editor extension for the Unity3D game engine. It allows you to create new BlendShapes by combining one or more existing BlendShapes within the Unity editor. Whether you're using one of the many character generations systems, contracting out your characters, or designing your own and simply want the convenience of mixing up new BlendShapes from existing ones within the editor, MorphMixer is a simple, non-destructive, in-editor tool designed specifically for the task.

* Unity3D editor extension.
* Create new BlendShapes by mixing multiple BlendShapes together within the Unity editor.

Character generation systems such as Fuse, iClone, Autodesk Character Generator, Daz3D, and MakeHuman include many BlendShapes. Some of these system provide phoneme shapes for speech while others do not, some provide emotion BlendShapes while others provide basic facial movements. MorphMixer allows you to mix and match existing BlendShapes together to form the perfect smile, frown, or other expression and save your mix as a new BlendShape. This simplifies animation by allowing you to merge down complex multi-shape expressions into a single BlendShape, or you can add speech phonemes to a character that only includes basic facial movement BlendShapes.

Works great with many character generation   systems:
  * Fuse
  * iClone
  * Autodesk Character Generator
  * Daz3D
  * MakeHuman

MorphMixer is non-destructive because it duplicates your mesh and performs all BlendShape actions on the duplicate only, so you can always fall back to your original .fbx or .blend mesh file. It also includes a preset system so you can create BlendShape mixes, save them as presets, and easily apply them to multiple characters that share the same BlendShapes and BlendShape indexes. If you create a BlendShape, then change your mind about the way it should look, MorphMixer allows you to delete BlendShapes as well.

* Non-destructive, does not modify your .fbx or .blend file.
* Preset system for saving and reusing BlendShape mixes on other characters with the same BlendShapes.
* Allows you to delete BlendShapes.