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MorphMixer Quickstart

  1. Download MorphMixer from the Unity Asset Store.
  2. Once installed, MorphMixer can be opened from the following menu.
    • [Window] -> [Crazy Minnow Studio] -> [MorphMixer]
  3. The first MorphMixer tab is call [Setup]. It's used to link your SkinnedMeshRenderer, and to duplicate your mesh. These steps must be done before the second [Mixer] tab can be used.‚Äč
    • Link the GameObject with your SkinnedMeshRenderer, that contains one or more BlendShapes.
    • Click [Copy Mesh] and save the mesh copy to the folder of your choice.
  4. Once your mesh is duplicated, you can select the [Mixer] tab.
    • The top section of the Mixer tab contains preferences that control how the editor works.
    • The second section is where you can load presets which are a saved list of BlendShapes at specified percentages, and saved preset and BlendShape names.
    • The third section is where you can delete existing BlendShapes. Remember, you're performing BlendShape actions on the duplicate we created on the Setup tab, so you can always revert back to your .fbx or .blend mesh file by linking it back to the Mesh field of the SkinnedMeshRenderer component.
    • The fourth and final section is where you can add one or more BlendShapes and set their percentages, preview the mix, save the mix as a preset, and create new BlendShapes from the mix.

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