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SALSA LipSync Suite v2.5.3 Released!

2021-05-19: v2.5.3.113

This version fixes a problem when applying changes to prefab instances. See the release notes and check the forum for more information.

2020-09-11: v2.5.0

We have been working on this version for quite some time, but v2.5.0 is now available for general use. This is a big release with a lot of new features, enhancements, and fixes. The Eyes module has been completely re-tooled and no longer requires bone/transform fix scaffolding for misaligned bone axes. Implementing this change required quite a bit of change under the hood and as such broke some Eyes API calls. Please note, if you are implementing this new version into an existing project, the Eyes modules will need to be reconfigured. SALSA and EmoteR do not require reconfiguration, breaking changes are strictly limited to the Eyes module. And, if you leveraged the Eyes API in your custom code, there will be some minor modifications required.

As always, backup any existing project before you upgrade SALSA LipSync Suite to any new version.

Suite version 2.5.0 is recommended for new projects and existing projects with the understanding that it is not a drop-in, plug-and-play implementation for existing projects. While upgrading an existing project will take a little effort, we do recommend the upgrade. There are many updates to all core systems (see the release notes for details), but at a minimum the QueueProcessor animation core changes are beneficial to any project, providing much better conflict resolution and smooth transition on component registrations, as well as vastly better auto-detection of external animator influence on your character models. SALSA also has a new processing option which increases perceived accuracy with earlier, more accurate silence detection. All OneClicks required updates for the new Eyes module and received some new settings for SALSA and EmoteR, including the addition of the Advanced Silence Analyzer.

Please see the release notes for details on new features, enhancements, and fixes included in this new version.

Add-ons and OneClicks requiring updates for correct operation with the new Suite version (2.5.0) are like-versioned as 2.5.0. Please note the version number also indicates the minimum SALSA Suite version required. Therefore, any OneClick or add-on with version 2.5.0 requires SALSA LipSync Suite version 2.5.0. If an add-on does not have a 2.5.0 version, no changes were necessary to the add-on to work with version 2.5.0 of the Suite. We have left the older version of add-ons and OneClicks on the server for customers who remain on the 2.4.1 Suite version. Please always ensure you are using the correct add-on or OneClick version for your installed version of SALSA Suite. If you are receiving errors indicating missing references, likely you are using the wrong version of an add-on or OneClick. Feel free to contact us to confirm; however, the downloads section lists the version requirements for each add-on and OneClick.

We have thoroughly tested this new version with add-ons, OneClicks, and demo and test scene implementations over the past few weeks. Due to the sheer number of changes and updates to the core code, it is possible there may be a bug or two lurking in the shadows. Even considering how well the product has matured over the past year and how stable it is, it is just the nature of the beast. Please check the documentation first, but please contact us (preferably via email) if you feel you have found an issue. Include as much detail as possible: platform and version, error messages, behavior, full screenshots of your cofiguration and/or video, and of course, your Invoice number. We cannot provide support without an Invoice number.

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