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The best, real-time, lip-sync, emote, & eye-movement asset for Unity 2D/3D!

With a fast, iterative workflow that does not require baking or pre-processing, SALSA frees you to implement real-time lip-sync using technologies like: network voice-chat, text-to-speech, & live-microphone input. SALSA also works with any language or accent -- it even works with plain text input!

Spice up your character animations!

SALSA LipSync v2.0 Suite is now live on the Asset Store!
see the 2.0 devBlog for more information)
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SALSA: Simple Automated Lip Sync Approximation for Unity developers

High-quality Unity lip synchronization for your 2D and 3D characters using Sprite textures and Blend Shapes. Audio is processed in real-time to automate four basic mouth positions. This is the basis for lip-sync approximation. Instead of pre-processing or mapping shapes to audio markers, mouth movement is procedurally applied to a minimal set of mouth shapes to provide variation. Results are superior to basic jaw-bone animations and remove the complexity of labor-intensive, phoneme mapping. This is the Unity lip sync asset with the most features and best results for your money.

NOTE: Automatic lip-synchronization is language-agnostic and will work for any spoken language.

Great-looking lip synchronization in 4 easy steps:
  • Attach the component to a SALSA-ready model.
  • Link up the mouth shapes (or use a compatible OneClick setup)
  • Provide an audio source
  • Hit Play = Automatic Lip Sync
Cool ways to use SALSA:

A really great solution to lip sync, works great in 2D :) (★★★★★) -Michael (Unity Asset Store review)

Eyes: natural eye and head movement/tracking

Random and programmatic eye movement, blinking, and GameObject-based eye tracking, on any number of eyes for your 2D and 3D characters. Eye animation uses BlendShapes and Sprite texture types.

Eye-movement animations now have a Target Affinity control, giving your characters a virtual attention span. Keep eye movement focused on a target for a randomized percentage of time. This feature loosens up a targeted eye and allows it to roam but still remain focused on the target.

Cool ways to use RandomEyes:

SALSA with Random Eyes is an ingenious creation that combines three elements of facial animation...(★★★★★) -Jonathon (Unity Asset Store review)

 Documentation and Examples

Unity lip-sync and eye-movement is easy to use. If programatic control is desired, the asset has a well-documented and sleek API, including options to send event-based responses for talk, look, and custom shape events to specified GameObjects.

Custom component inspectors provide code-free, configurable options, while exposing programmatic accessibility from any Unity supported scripting language. Manuals, sample scripts (C# and Javascript), and several demo scenes are included.

If you like to learn by watching more than reading, check out the video tutorials available on our YouTube channel.

Perfect for Indie & Mainstream Unity development teams:
  • Designed with a low-impact, approachable workflow
  • Includes a powerful API for programmatic control
  • Works with a full list of popular assets and models
  • Excellent support!
  • Bunches of ★★★★★ testimonials

My experience with SALSA with RandomEyes has been first rate from the start. This tool saves loads of time and resources that would be necessary for other solutions. I couldn't believe the price point when I first saw the product and I will say that it is easily worth every cent and then some...(★★★★★) -Tim (Unity Asset Store review)


Promotional videos: see why our Unity lip syncing asset rocks!

Video Learning Series - Quick Start (more coming soon)


Video Learning Series - Blender Shape Keys (more coming soon)

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SALSA with RandomEyes by Crazy Minnow Studio, LLC

- Automatic Lip-Sync and Eye-Movement Animation Software
- A Unity development asset for PC/Mac/Linux/mobile platforms
- Avalable on the Unity Asset Store (published 23 April 2014)
- Works with Unity 4.6+ free/pro [additional requirements]