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SALSA LipSync Suite v2 is full of hot features to spice up your character animations!

I have to laugh at this asset, not because it’s stupid, but because it’s so simple, brilliant and works that it makes me laugh...(★★★★★) -Christopher (Unity Asset Store review)

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Platforms: Supports Unity & Unity Pro. Tested on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, Windows Store UWP. WebGL is supported when combined with our Amplitude asset.

Unity Version Support: SALSA 2.x - supported on Unity 2019.LTS+ (to current STABLE version). NOTE: We do NOT support non-release candidates, alpha, beta, technical-preview, etc.

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Integrations and Workflows:

Modeling Systems Supported:

Also works with these model systems using manual setup:




  • Real-time, automated lip sync approximation -- analyzes audio waveforms in realtime, no need to preprocess audio files
  • Language-agnostic lip-sync processing, works with any spoken language, dialect, or accent.
  • Works with 2D and 3D character models:
    • Supports mix and match animating controller types:
      • Shape (blendshape)
      • Bone
      • Sprite (2D switcher)
      • UGUI Sprite (2D switcher)
      • Texture (2D switcher)
      • Material (2D switcher)
    • 2D switchers leverage single image/material swaps or (NEW!) multi-frame cell animations
    • 2D switchers supports 3 activation methods:
      • On unitl Off (animates throughout the activating and deactivating phases)
      • On while Active (only animates while in the activating phase)
      • On when 1.0, off when 0.0 (switches to the on state when activation is complete and to the off state when deactivation is complete)
  • Unlimited mouth-shapes (visemes) can be defined. Each viseme can consist of unlimited ExpressionComponents which are definitions for a single controller type (i.e. bone, shape, texture, etc.). NOTE: there are practical limitations and considerations for number of visemes and number and type of components. For example, multiple sprites cannot exist on a sprite renderer at the same time.
  • Animation easing control.
  • Look-ahead processing eliminates audio processing lag.
  • Core process delegation to customize internal SALSA processes like audio analysis, greatly increases SALSA's flexibility and capability.
  • Works with 2D or 3D audio sources, full lip-sync dynamics regardless of distance from AudioSource.
  • Unified 2D/3D engine. 2D and 3D components are no longer class separated.
  • Time/duration-based animation control.
  • Reuse blendshape or bone components for multiple visemes.
  • Advanced Dynamics produces infinite variations on animations to eliminate stale, stagnant movement.
  • Ultra-fast QueueProcessor technology prioritizes and blends components together when visemes change, regardless of completion status of animations. The QueueProcessor allows configuration and reuse of components across module types (SALSA, Eyes, EmoteR) as well, implementing a prioritization override to prevent component fighting within the suite.


  • Separate emote randomization (EmoteR) module.
  • Randomly activate 1 or more simultaneous emotes, with random or specified hold times.
  • Real-time lip-sync emphasis expressions - be as subtle or aggressive as you want, Salsa and Emoter work together to automagically give you lip-synchronized emphasis expressions - breathe even more life into your characters!
  • Repeater animations -- create repeating/looping animations easily.
  • Persistence option available to override externally driven animations (i.e. mecanim).
    • Override indefinitely or blend out and back into mecanim animations.
  • Uses the same expression and component definitions to create emotes as SALSA does visemes.


  • NEW! Head, eye, and eyelid tracking, and blinking.
  • NEW! Heads, eyes, and eyelids are tracked individually to provide accurate depth tracking.
  • NEW! Tracking available for bones, blendshapes, sprite transforms, and sector-based sprite, texture, and material swapping.
  • NEW! Adjustable saccadic eye movement while tracking (bones, blends, and sprite transforms), adds realism.
  • NEW! Works with any number of heads, eyes, and eyelids.
  • Works on 2D and 3D characters.
  • Target Affinity gives your character an attention span while tracking another object