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Welcome to Crazy Minnow Studio! We are a small indie software development team primarily focused on game development using the Unity engine. Our pipeline includes: games, game development tools and assets, and video tutorial production. Check out our Unity lip sync asset, SALSA Lip-Sync, available on the Unity Asset Store. Follow our blog for updates on our Unity asset and game development, as well as other happenings in indie game development.

Adventure Creator actions for SALSA LipSync Suite

We're excited to announce our new free Adventure Creator actions for SALSA LipSync Suite. This free add-on exposes essential SALSA LipSync Suite functions to the fantastic Adventure Creator system. We're also pleased to announce a SalsaTextSync integration option using our new Adventure Creator listener for SalsaTextSync add-on. Together, these systems offer automatic lipsync of dialogue audio and dialogue text using Adventure Creators native Dialogue : Play speech Action, and we think that's pretty cool!

06/21/2019 - v2.0.0 - SALSA LipSync Suite, initial release.

06/22/2019 - v2.0.1 - Added a script to load the SALSA demo scene managers and demo scene. It's available in the following menu:

  • GameObject/Crazy Minnow Studio/SALSA LipSync Suite/Add-ons/Adventure Creator/Load Demo Scene Managers

02/18/2020 - v2.3.1 - Requires SALSA LipSync Suite 2.3.1+.

Installation, setup, and demo scene

  1. Be sure to install the SALSA LipSync Suite and Adventure Creator Assets into your project before importing this add-on.
  2. Import the [AdventureCreator_2.x.x.unitypackage] add-on.
  3. Open player settings and add the Adventure Creator actions for SALSA LipSync Suite define symbol.
    • [File] > [Build Settings...] > [Player Settings...] > [Other Settings] > [Scripting Define Symbols*]
    • Scripting Define Symbol: SALSAIsPresent
  4. To inform Adventure Creator about our custom action, open the [AC Game Editor] and select the [Actions] tab. In the [Custom Action scripts] section set the directory to:
    • \Assets\Crazy Minnow Studio\Addons\AdventureCreator\Actions
  5. To check out the demo scene, use the [Load Demo Scene Managers] option from the following menu. This will load the SALSA demo scene managers into Adventure Creator, and the SALSA demo scene:
    • GameObject/Crazy Minnow Studio/SALSA LipSync Suite/Add-ons/Adventure Creator/Load Demo Scene Managers
    • The demo scene has the boxHead character setup as an NPC. He's surrounded by a NPC Hotspot, and has three interactions to demostrate our custom actions:
      • Talk to: Uses the Adventure Creator native [Dialogue: Play speech] action.
      • Use: Uses the [ThirdParty: SALSA_Emoter_Emote] action to trigger an emotion, then performs a one-time override blink using the [ThirdParty: SALSA_Eyes_Blink] action.
      • Look at: Uses the [ThirdParty: SALSA_Eyes_Look] action to set the look target, the [ThirdParty: SALSA_Eyes_SetAffinity] action to activate and set affinity preferences, and the [ThirdParty: SALSA_Eyes_SetRandom] action to set random head, eye, and blink states.

Custom Actions

Once the define symbol and custom actions directory are set, all SALSA LipSync Suite Actions are available in the ActionList Editor under Action type: Third Party. For lipsync, use the native Adventure Creator [Dialogue: Play speech] action.


  • Emoter_Emote
    • Activate/deactivate an EmoteR emotion.
  • Eyes_Blink
    • Blink using the default timings or a one-time override.
  • Eyes_Look
    • Set/clear a look target for tracking.
  • Eyes_SetAffinity
    • Set/clear affinity and it's properties.
  • Eyes_SetRandom
    • Set random head, eye, and blink status.
  • Eyes_EnableAll (2.3.1+ only)
    • Enable or disable modules in the Eyes component (head, eye, blink, eyelid tracking).

Adventure Creator integration option for SalsaTextSync (text-to-lipsync) add-on.

What do you get when you combine SALSA real-time lipsync, our free SalsaTextSync (text-to-lipsync) add-on, and the amazing Adventure Creator system? Seemless lipsync to dialogue audio and dialogue text using only the native Adventure Creator Dialogue : Play speech Action.

  1. Setup interaction and dialogue exchanges using Adventure Creators Dialogue : Play speech Action as you normally would.
  2. Add SALSA to your characters (step depend on characters used).
  3. Add SalsaTextSync to your characters.
  4. Download the [SalsaTextSync-AdventureCreatorListener v2.x.x] add-on from the downloads link below and add it to your project.
  5. Add a [SalsaTextSync_ACListener] prefab to your scene.
    1. [GameObject] > [Crazy Minnow Studio] > [SALSA LipSync] > [Add-ons] > [SalsaTextSync_ACListener prefab]
  6. Select the [SalsaTextSync_ACListener] GameObject prefab that's been added to the scene and in the custom Inspector select [Browse] to select the Resources/Speech folder that contains audio dialogue (even if you aren't using audio dialogue).
  7. This add-on subscribes to the Adventure Creator OnStartSpeech and OnStopSpeech events and automaticaly uses SalsaTextSync when your Adventure Creator dialogue does not have an associated audio file in Resources/Speech.

NOTE: While every attempt has been made to ensure the safe content and operation of these files, they are provided as-is, without warranty or guarantee of any kind. By downloading and using these files you are accepting any and all risks associated and release Crazy Minnow Studio, LLC of any and all liability.

Download Files

Simple Automated Lip Sync Approximation
~ We look forward to seeing what you create! ~

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