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SALSA with RandomEyes (v1.x) End-of-Life

Out with the Old, In with the New

The legacy version of SALSA (SALSA with RandomEyes v1.x) has reached a ripe old age and is ready to prop up its feet on a nice beach somewhere warm. As of the beginning of the year (2020-01-01), the legacy version (SALSA with RandomEyes) will no longer be supported. Updates for this legacy product ended in June, coinciding with the new release (SALSA LipSync Suite) and there will be no further updates, including feature, bug-fix, or Unity-compatibility updates. There will also be no further updates to add-ons for the Legacy product (SALSA with RandomEyes).


What does this mean to SALSA with RandomEyes customers?
SALSA with RandomEyes will continue to be available on the Asset Store
for existing customers and, as such, you can continue to use it as long as you wish. Crazy Minnow Studio will simply stop providing support and guidance for the product. Instead, customers will be encouraged to purchase an upgrade to the new product (SALSA LipSync Suite). As mentioned above, updates have already ended, so this is simply the next step in the lifecycle process.

Where can I get help for SALSA with RandomEyes?
SALSA with RandomEyes is pretty easy to use, but in the event you need help with it, the SALSA community may be a good source of information.

Why is Crazy Minnow Studio abandoning SALSA?
What on Earth gave you that idea? We are full-on excited about SALSA, which is why we completely re-wrote and released SALSA LipSync Suite!

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