Unity Timeline Modules for SALSA Suite v2

TimelineSalsaCore has been updated to include Eyes module support (TimelineSalsaCore v2.5.0+). Please see the New Features video on our YouTube channel for more information on the features and changes in this new release.

The TimelineSalsaCore module provides basic features for controlling the SALSA Suite modules within the Unity Timeline environment. Written documentation will remain lightweight in lieu of video documentation since we believe the TimelineSalsaCore module is more readily demonstrated than written about. Please see the video playlist below.

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There are three core Timeline modules for SALSA Suite. Each binds to the associated SALSA Suite component and provides essential control of the module for scene manipulation.

SalsaControl Module

SalsaControl integrates the SalsaControl track and clip mechanisms into the Timeline system. This allows the designer to create easy dialogue scenes in Timeline, leveraging the SALSA lipsync component. There is a single track and clip type for this operation. A SALSA component with a valid configuration is required for operation.

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EmoterControl Module

Similar to the SALSA module, the EmoterControl track provides integration into the Unity Timeline system to control an EmoteR component. A properly configured EmoteR component is required for correct operation.

NOTE: The EmoterControl module binds to EmoteR and operates on the Manual Emote Pool, which includes all configured emotes. Read up on the various pool types and operations in the EmoteR documentation to understand proper implementation for the Timeline module. Remember: Emotes can participate in multiple pool types, so trying to control an emote that is also part of the random pool (for example) can produce strange or undesirable results.

Check out our YouTube Tutorial

EyesControl Module

Keeping in-line with the other Timeline modules, the EyesControl module integrates Eyes component control into the Timeline system. There is a single track and clip type for all operations. Use control clips to turn settings on or off, or to change existing settings.

NOTE: A single clip can be used to apply changes and then revert back to original settings when the clip ends if the 'Reset on Clip End' option is enabled.