We have tried to make the core system modular and flexible in all areas. However, there are some settings discovered later that benefit from being editable and apply to the entire suite. For this reason, we have implemented a settings data class that contains global configuration options that can be changed by the developer.

Currently, this class (SalsaSettings) only contains a single field value for the render pipeline main texture and applies only to 2D SALSA Suite configurations. It is expected this data class will receive further additions in the future. For now, it exists for this singular option.

NOTE: Version 2.3.0 includes a configurator Inspector interface (SalsaSettingsConfigurator.cs). Feel free to use this tool or to simply make your own code changes to these static variables.


string RenderPipelineTextureName (default = "_MainTex")

The LWRP uses a different name for addressing the main texture on a shader ("_BaseMap"). To change the texture property the SALSA Suite looks for to manipulate the texture in 2D controller operations, change this value from "_MainTex" to "_BaseMap". Likewise, if you are using custom shaders that adhere to a different standard, you could implement that standard here if the render pipeline supports it.