Notes on Animation Timings

animation cycle

SALSA LipSync 2 has switched to a time-based animation control. Animation Timings instruct the QueueProcessor how long each phase of the component's animation takes to complete (in seconds). There are three phase settings available, depending on the handling and activating mechanism used.

  • On timing applies to the component's animation from its starting point to a full "On" calculated position. Refer to points #1 and #2 in the above diagram. For example, assume a setting of 1.0. Once activated, the animation will take 1.0 seconds to complete its animation from rest/starting to full On.

  • Hold occurs after full On has been reached, assuming it is using a Round-Trip handler. Once the animation lerp has reached 1.0, the QueueProcessor waits for the "Hold" time to complete and then changes the activation direction state. Refer to the period denoted between points #2 and #3 in the above diagram.

  • Off follows "Hold" in Round-Trip handlers and, as expected, this is the time it takes to animate from full "On" to full "Off" -- again, considering a Round-Trip handler. However, if the "On" animation phase is interrupted/overridden by the QueueProcessor, the "Off" animation will begin at the point reached in the "On" animation and take the "Off" amount of time to complete. The OFF timeframe occurs between points #3 and #4 in the above diagram.

Of particular note (and by design), the "On" and "Off" animations take their specified setting (in seconds) to complete regardless of where the "starting" position is. In the example of an "Off" setting of 0.5 seconds, it makes no difference where it begins. If the "On" animation completed its full cycle, the "Off" will begin at the full "On" position and will take 0.5 seconds to complete its path to the full "Off" position. However, if the "On" animation is interrupted at the halfway point, the "Off" animation will still take 0.5 seconds to complete animating to the full "Off" position. The same is true of an "On" animation that has overridden and "Off" animation (such as in the case of a reactivation), regardless of the starting position, the new "On" queue registration will take "On" seconds to complete.