Custom OneClick Tool

ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR PROJECT BEFORE INSTALLING THIS OR ANY OTHER ASSET/ADD-ON. Formerly known as "dump OneClick settings". Now more betterer.

This tool is still in beta, but is much more feature complete. This script will now create a set of OneClick files based on the name of the GameObject you are creating it from. It will create a OneClick for any of the main modules (SALSA, EmoteR, Eyes) -- you do not have to have all 3 present.

Caveats For Use

  • In the hierarchy, mesh (SkinnedMeshRender), blendshape, and bone naming must be standardized between models. If there are deviations, this tool will not produce workable results.
  • If bones are used, rotations must be identical between models.
  • For SALSA and EmoteR, this tool creates a complete OneClick for any configuration you have created using bones and/or blendshapes.
  • For Eyes, the resultant OneClick is based on a simple, common-use scenario at this point.
    • Head & Eyes sub-modules must be using bones.
    • Blinks/TrackLids must use blendshapes. This is the most common setup for Eyes, so it is what we've started with.
  • Depending on your model architecture, it might be possible to edit your custom OneClick to regex search for appropriate SkinnedMeshRenderers, blendshapes, bones, etc. However, if the architecture is identical, the OneClick should work as-is. We have no way of knowing if you have different mesh, bone, blendshape names between models.


  • Backup your project, then install the custom OneClick addon from our SALSA Suite downloads portal: "Tool: Create Custom OneClick"
  • Configure a model with SALSA and/or EmoteR and/or Eyes (within the caveat expectations above).
  • Name the root GameObject as the name you want for your custom OneClick (i.e. MyCustomSetup001).
  • Select the root GameObject.
  • Select the menu item: GameObject > Crazy Minnow Studio > SALSA LipSync > Tools > Create OneClick File-set

NOTE: If you repeatedly execute the 'create' command, it will overwrite existing scripts of the same name. If you want different versions, rename your GameObject accordingly.

Tool Result

Three files will be created -- an Editor script and two runtime scripts (depending on the modules used):
- OneClickMyCustomSetup001Editor.cs (always created)
- OneClickMyCustomSetup001.cs (created when using SALSA and/or EmoteR)
- OneClickMyCustomSetup001Eyes.cs (created when using Eyes)

You will then be able to apply this OneClick on another model complying with the Caveats For Use above, using menu command: GameObject > CrazyMinnowStudio > SALSA LipSync > Custom OneClicks > MyCustomSetup001


We believe this package is pretty solid, but since it is technically still in development and is the first public release, we are calling it beta. If you experience issues please send us an email with your Invoice number and a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing and we will look into it.

Get the package from our downloads portal. It is called Tool: Create Custom OneClick