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Crazy Minnow Studio has put together a wide variety of video tutorials and quick-tips to get you started on your path to simple, automated lip sync and natural eye-movement for your 2D or 3D characters. We are always adding new videos, so check back frequently or subscribe to our YouTube or Twitter channels for timely updates.

SALSA (Simple Automated Lip Sync Approximation) Tutorials:

SALSA Quick Start - 01 - Intro

SALSA Quick Start - 02 - SALSA basics

SALSA Quick Start - 03 - RandomEyes Basics

SALSA Quick Start - 04 - SALSA Inspectors

Workflow Tutorials:

Using Autodesk Character Generator with SALSA and RandomEyes Assets

Unity3D Lip Sync Using SALSA with RandomEyes and Mixamo Fuse Character Creator

Real-Time Microphone Input for SALSA Lip Sync

Blendshape Tutorials:

Working With Shape Keys in Blender: Part I - Intro

Working With Shape Keys in Blender: Part II - Face Keys

Working With Shape Keys in Blender: Part III - Gotchas

Promotional Videos:

Lip Sync Comparison - SALSA vs AAA

The Legend of SALSA

SALSA with RandomEyes for Unity3D