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Welcome to Crazy Minnow Studio! We are a small indie software development team primarily focused on game development using the Unity engine. Our pipeline includes: games, game development tools and assets, and video tutorial production. Check out our Unity lip sync asset, SALSA Lip-Sync, available on the Unity Asset Store. Follow our blog for updates on our Unity asset and game development, as well as other happenings in indie game development.

SALSA v2.0 devBlog

UPDATE (2018-01-09):

SALSA v2.0 development continues. The ability to group shapes/expressions within SALSA (from multiple shapes) brings much more flexibility, but certainly can increase complexity within the inspector.The new inspector is shaping up nicely and providing for a much more streamlined user experience. The queue system is also being refined, unifying the ability for SALSA to use blendshapes and bones to drive lipsync or expressions. This added functionality will enhance SALSA's ability to work with even more model systems. Additionally, it may be possible to implement this same functionality for the 2D system or even implement 2D into the same system. Time will tell if that is going to be possible.

Lately, we have received quite a few inquiries on the release date of SALSA v2.0. It is still too early to establish a release date, but there have been a lot of advances in the development.

In addition to SALSA, two more assets should be available on the AssetStore soon that will enhance the functionality of SALSA (versions 1+). Amplitude for WebGL will provide the ability to link up audio analysis in WebGL projects (not specific to SALSA -- but yes, SALSA will work in WebGL with the product)! The second new asset, MorphMixer, will allow developers/designers to create unique blendshape instances where multiple shapes were previously required. The biggest benefit here is the creation of better defined shapes and the elimination of shape conflicts. This will benefit SALSA v1+.

Neither of these two products require SALSA to operate. They were however, inspired by SALSA in their creation. Amplitude will provide audio amplitude analysis functionality to any project/need. And MorphMixer could be used in any project to blend existing blendshapes together to form new shapes - inside the Unity Editor. Both were submitted over 30 days ago, so we are hoping Unity approves them very soon. SALSA owners will be able to purchase both products at a special price for a time.

UPDATE (2017-09-17):

Most of the 3D features are finalized and in place. Now we're focusing on 2D elements. Still no release date -- sorry.

SALSA v2.0 is coming!

Likely you have already seen some of the teaser videos we have published, showing off the quality gains over SALSA 1.x. If not, head over to our YouTube channel to take a peek. The response and excitement for SALSA 2.0 is growing and with that, there are a lot of questions. This post will discuss the most common questions we get and (for now) will serve as a devBlog for the goings on.

When is SALSA v2.0 going to be released?

This is our most frequently asked question. We currently do not have a date we're comfortable sharing. This version is, for the mostpart, a complete re-write of the SALSA core. Development is advancing quickly and nearly all of the advanced feature-set is already prototyped and maturing. Stumbling blocks have pretty much been kicked to the side of the road -- full steam ahead. In other words, we don't know, but check back here for updates.

Is SALSA v2.0 going to be a free upgrade to existing SALSA 1.x owners?

Ahh, the age-old question -- is it free? Nope, it's not. And there are a few reasons behind this decision. First and foremost, SALSA is being re-written. As mentioned earlier, this is a big code change and is not going to be a drop-in replacement for v1.x. Due to Unity's distribution platform, we felt it necessary to ensure projects were not accidentally broken due to an inadvertent upgrade. However, if you already own SALSA, it will be nearly free to upgrade it -- at least initially. After nearly 3 years of support and updates, we've decided the old SALSA needs a face-lift and face-lifts cost money. With the new release will come a price increase and the upgrade cost will be the difference of the increase and the current price of SALSA. SALSA v2.0 is expected to release at $39, meaning the upgrade will cost you $4 ($39 - $35). This upgrade window will likely be pretty narrow and the price will increase again (along with the upgrade cost) shortly after release. We're still working out the details, so some of this may change. Check back here for updates.

What sorts of new features will my hard-earned $4 get me with v2.0?

There are a couple of big changes and you've already seen the biggest one -- better real-time, lip-synciness in the form of vastly superior quality. The Minnow doesn't lie! It looks really good. And the quality doesn't sacrifice the core SALSA values and goals. It's still real-time and the pipeline is still quick and easy. In fact, you can still achieve compelling lip-sync approximation just like the SALSA 1.x with the same 3 shapes you used before. You can even use a single shape if you want -- although you probably wouldn't want to 'cause jaw flapping is just plain ol' ugly. With SALSA 2.0, you can use as many shapes as you want for lip-synchronization (yup! that's new!).

Behind the scenes, there's also a new trigger processing algorythm. This new tech brings a boatload of efficiency and flexibility. With the existing version of SALSA, re-using shapes in different mouth-shapes or even in the custom-shapes can cause unexpected, unattractive results like stuttering of blendshapes. It also meant animations would be pulling over-time on the processor cycles fighting each other. With the new queue-based system, duplicate shapes can be used and much more gracefully transition control and processing. Fewer shapes animating means more processor cycles in your back pocket. Priority-based transitions mean your blendshapes will spend less time duking it out and more time looking deliciously cool.

What about my 1-clicks?

SALSA 2.0 will still have them. In fact, with the new core, 1-clicks will be even more streamlined and efficient. The core engine will handle multiple skinned-mesh-renderers and won't need an additional intermediary to translate and sync things up.

Will upgrading to SALSA 2.0 be difficult?

That's a hard question to answer. It really depends on your existing integration of SALSA. For example, if you're using one of the character systems we support with a respective 1-click setup, you would likely only need to install SALSA 2.0 along with the new 1-click setup scripts. If you implement several group expressions in 1.x, these may need to be setup again in SALSA 2.0. The new 1-click setups will likely add expressions automatically, but it depends on what your needs are and how you've implemented and customized your project.

That's it for now folks! As mentioned, check back for updates!

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