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Salsa3D Inspector Properties

  • Mouth Shape Indexes & Audio
    • Skinned Mesh Renderer: Link to your models Skinned Mesh Renderer component.
    • Audio Clip: This is the audio file that will be analyzed and used for lip sync approximation.

(Only visible when in Play mode)

  • Play: Play the audio file and performs lip sync approximation. Good for fine tuning expression triggers.
  • Stop: Stops the audio file and lip sync approximation.

  • Auto-link Shapes: Click this and Salsa3D will attempt to automatically link to the corresponding shapes (SaySmall, SayMedium, SayLarge {case insensitive}).
  • SaySmall Index: Select your saySmall expression from your 3D model.
  • SayMedium Index: Select your sayMedium expression from your 3D model.
  • SayLarge Index: Select your sayLarge expression from your 3D model.

  • Speech Properties
    • saySmall Trigger: The waveform value that will trigger this expression.
    • sayMedium Trigger: The waveform value that will trigger this expression.
    • sayLarge Trigger: The waveform value that will trigger this expression.

  • Audio Update Delay: A value in seconds that represents how often the audio file will be sampled and converted to an expression.
  • Blend Speed: Set this to adjust how long it takes the mouth to move from one expression to another.
  • Range of Motion: The percentage of total range of motion allowed.

  • Broadcast
    • Is Talking: When integrating into a dialog system, you can use this boolean property to check if a character has finished talking.
    • Broadcast: As an alternative to monitoring the [Is Talking] boolean property, check this box to broadcast the [Salsa_OnTalkStatusChanged] event to one or more game objects.

(Only visible when Broadcast is enabled)

  • Broadcast Receivers Count: The number of game objects you wish to receive the [Salsa_OnTalkStatusChanged] event.
  • Broadcast Receivers: Link your game object [Salsa_OnTalkStatusChanged] event receivers here.
  • Propagate To Children: Check this to propagate the [Salsa_OnTalkStatusChanged] event to all child objects of the selected Broadcast Receivers.

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