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Run OGRE Run!

We finished our Ludum Dare 33 game jam entry.

Run OGRE Run Ludum Dare 33 endless runner

Run OGRE, Run! (a cute little endless runner) was built in 72hrs for the jam! We'll post a breakdown of our process and approach after the jam is over, and we've had a chance to catch up on sleep. Until then, play the game and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear your comments and how far you were able to run (post your high scores) in the comments below (bottom of the page)!

Follow the progress of Run OGRE, Run! here or on the Ludum Dare game jam website (if you're a Ludum Dare participant, THANK YOU for voting for Run OGRE, Run!).

Run OGRE, Run! is a top-down endless runner that lulls you into a false sense of ease at the start and quickly turns into a crazy, frenzied challenge to run as far as you can!

  • Only two buttons needed to play: A/D = move left/right (or you can use the arrow keys).
  • Avoid the obstacles in the street (carts, barrels, haybales) and the weapons (pitchforks, spears, rocks) thrown from the sidelines.
  • Getting hit slows OGRE down and the angry mob with pitchforks and spears will catch him.
  • Navigate OGRE to pickup and catch pies and ale as you run, to keep ahead of the angry mob.
  • Warning: can cause OGRE-vision (see below)

Try Run OGRE, Run!:
You can play Run OGRE, Run! now by downloading the free game-jam version for desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) or play the WebGL version in your browser.

Windows Download version 
Mac Download version 
Linux Download version 
WebGL (browser) version (NOTE: webGL version is not Safari friendly, please use an alternative browser like Firefox, or download the respective desktop version, THANKS!)

Here's a short video demonstrating Run OGRE, Run! endless-runner game-play.

What is an endless-runner?
Typical runners have very limited controls for ease of play when the action gets fast and furious. Top-down runners usually allow control of left/right movement while side-scrollers allow up/down (jump/duck) maneuvering to avoid obstacles. Another dynamic that is frequently used in runners is gradually increased speed of the runner or game-field. The main goal is to run as far as you can in a session. A runner ends when the runner is either caught, dies (loses health), or runs off the track. In Run OGRE, Run!, the game ends when OGRE is caught by the angry mob that advances on him as he hits obstacles or is hit by weapons thrown from the sidelines.

What is Ludum Dare?
ludum dare logoLudum Dare is a community of game developers that participates in 3 intense, accelerated game development challenges a year. While there are no prizes, nearly 3000 developers/teams get together to produce their game in 48-72 hours. There are two categories of submission:

Compo: is a solo developer submission, where the developer has 48hrs to complete an original game, with all assets (other than code libraries) being created within the 48hrs.
Jam: allows individuals or teams to work on submissions and extends the time to 72hrs. Additionally, any assets may be used to create the game.

Crazy Minnow Studio submitted Run OGRE, Run! as a Jam entry and we pretty much used up our allotted 72hrs! :)

What is OGRE-vision?
OGRE-vision occurs when you (the player) have a particularly good running session in Run OGRE, Run! It involves pushing running speed to the limit for a sufficient duration -- particularly if you can reach the Marathon Runner achievement (800m). When the runner ends abruptly as the mob catches OGRE, the screen/room/environment continues to look like it's scrolling from top to bottom.

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