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Welcome to Crazy Minnow Studio! We are a small indie software development team primarily focused on game development using the Unity engine. Our pipeline includes: games, game development tools and assets, and video tutorial production. Check out our Unity lip sync asset, SALSA Lip-Sync, available on the Unity Asset Store. Follow our blog for updates on our Unity asset and game development, as well as other happenings in indie game development.

SALSA with RandomEyes v1.3.0 Final Submitted to the Unity Asset Store

Automatic eye-movement Custom InspectorNew Version 1.3.0 Submitted to the Unity Asset Store:

Last night, version 1.3.0-final of our 5-star-rated, automatic lip-sync and eye-movement asset (SALSA with RandomEyes) was submitted to the Unity Asset Store. This version brings a better lip-sync and eye-movement experience with Unity 5 support, workflow enhancements, UI enhancements, new API features, better support for 3rd-party integration, a re-designed LookTarget processor, and many bug-fixes. This is arguably the biggest update released to date. We highly recommend updating to this version once it is available on the Asset Store. This version will be required for the new, hugely-simplified and greatly-improved, Autodesk Character Generator and Fuse Character Creator model workflows (coming soon).

We would like to thank our beta testers for their invaluable help in bringing this update to life. Automated lip-synchronization and eye-movement just got even easier and more powerful than it was before! We'll post again when it has been approved and is available for download.

Simple Automated Lip Sync Approximation
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