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Welcome to Crazy Minnow Studio! We are a small indie software development team primarily focused on game development using the Unity engine. Our pipeline includes: games, game development tools and assets, and video tutorial production. Check out our Unity lip sync asset, SALSA Lip-Sync, available on the Unity Asset Store. Follow our blog for updates on our Unity asset and game development, as well as other happenings in indie game development.

Lip-Sync and Eye-Movement Manuals for SALSA with RandomEyes

Unity Asset SALSA with RandomEyes Package Manual Product ImageSALSA with RandomEyes Manuals Available Online

We've converted our lip-sync and eye-movement product manuals to an online format. Our hopes are that this change will better facilitate potential new customers who desire a little more insight into our Unity asset prior to purchase. In addition, this change will make it easier for us to make agile changes and additions.

Topics range from an overview of how we implement lip-sync and eye-movement animation, to inspector details, to C# and JS syntax examples. If you have any questions not covered in the manuals or our list of video tutorials, please don't hesitiate to post a comment.

Simple Automated Lip Sync Approximation
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