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RandomEyes Manual Version 1.3.1

RandomEyes Overview

RandomEyes is a Unity eye-movement animation system that gives your characters the ability blink and look around randomly, or programmatically. It comes with two components, RandomEyes2D for animation of sprites (sprites are simply imported textures, set as Sprites in the Inspector) in a 2D environment, and RandomEyes3D for animation of BlendShapes in a 3D environment. It works on characters with any number of eyes.

When using RandomEyes2D, you only need to provide the character art, the eyes, and the optional eyelids. The script allows you to set layers, configure range of motion, adjust range of motion proportionally for different size eyes, adjust blend speed, and configure blinking.

For RandomEyes3D, your character should contain five BlendShapes to take advantage of the look and blink animation systems: look up, look down, look left, look right, and blink. Once you have those BlendShapes mapped to RandomEyes3D, the remaining setup is similar to the configuration options in RandomEyes2D. Additionally, the RandomEyes3D asset component includes an unlimited custom shape system that lets you link and control any number of custom shape expressions. Read more about custom shapes in the custom shape section of this manual. Continue on to the next section for the quick start guides.

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