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RandomEyes3D Custom Shapes

RandomEyes3D includes a section called [Custom Shapes], this section allows you to link an unlimited number of custom BlendShape indexes using the drop down select boxes. When you select a shape, the name of the shape will be copied to the [Name] field, you can leave the default or add a custom name to one or more shapes. Once linked, RandomEyes3D can randomly select custom shapes and set properties from a defined range. Alternatively, RandomEyes3D exposes public functions for:

  • Activating and deactivating the random behavior.
  • Activating one shape while automatically deactivating all others.
  • Activating multiple simultaneous shapes using the [Override] feature.
  • Controlling blend speed and range of motion on each custom shape individually.
  • Broadcasting custom shape events.

Here is an example of the inspector setup with a few emotional expressions, and configured to broadcast custom shape events to a [_GameManager] object.


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