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Welcome to Crazy Minnow Studio! We are a small indie software development team primarily focused on game development using the Unity engine. Our pipeline includes: games, game development tools and assets, and video tutorial production. Check out our Unity lip sync asset, SALSA Lip-Sync, available on the Unity Asset Store. Follow our blog for updates on our Unity asset and game development, as well as other happenings in indie game development.

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Cinema Director actions for SALSA LipSync Suite

Cinema Director logo

If you've already purchased SALSA LipSync Suite, we'd like to thank you with this free Cinema Director add-on. If you haven't already purchased SALSA LipSync Suite, we'd like to sweeten the deal with this free Cinema Director add-on.  :-) 06/22/2019 - v2.0.0 for SALSA LipSync Suite… View More

PlayMaker actions for SALSA LipSync Suite

Unity Asset Store Playmaker Development Support for SALSA with RandomEyes Lip-Sync

If you've already purchased SALSA LipSync Suite, we'd like to thank you with this free Playmaker add-on. If you haven't already purchased SALSA LipSync Suite, we'd like to sweeten the deal with this free Playmaker add-on.  :-) ‚Äč06/22/2019 -… View More

Unity Microphone Input Asset - SalsaMicInput

SALSA add-on micInput-lite real-time microphone input for lip-sync

SalsaMicInput is a real-time, Unity microphone input asset (currently free for use with SALSA LipSync Suite) SalsaMicInput v2.3.0 is the current release version for SALSA LipSync v2.3.0+. Using a microphone in… View More

Using SALSA Lip-Sync with Master Audio Playlists & Groups

Master Audio Unity Asset

Master Audio Integration with SALSA LipSync: SalsaMasterAudio (UPDATE) 2019-06-22 version 2.0.0: initial release for SALSA LipSync v2. We've created a set of helper-scripts to link up Dark Tonic's Master Audio Playlist functionality with our SALSA LipSync asset. This workflow allows you to drive… View More

SALSA LipSync and RT-Voice...a winning pair!

SALSA & RT-Voice logos

SALSA LipSync & RT-Voice :: runtime text-to-speech! Our RT-Voice addon has been updated for SALSA LipSync v2! RT-Voice (runtime text-to-speech) SALSA with RandomEyes (realtime lipsync) (UPDATE) 2019-06-21 -- version… View More

SALSA text-to-lipsync using SalsaTextSync

SalsaTextSync is a free add-on for SALSA LipSync v2, which adds text-based simulated lipsync to your SALSA enabled characters. Simply add SalsaTextSync to your SALSA enabled character, set the desired words-per-minute rate, and pass text to the SalsaTextSync.Say method. SALSA will simulate lipsync to the text for the duration calculated from the words-per-minute setting. UPDATES: 2019-06-21 -- version 2.0.0: initial release for SALSA LipSync v2. Free add-on to add text-to-lipsync… View More

Timeline for SALSA LipSync

Configure the group name on the Emote Clip.

Unity Timeline for SALSA AudioClips, Emotes, and SalsaTextSync NOTE: The following information is more or less accurate for SALSA LipSync v2 -- some interpretation may be required until we can get the documentation properly updated. Tested with Unity versions 2017.1 - 2019.2 (release) PLEASE NOTE: TimelineSalsaCore is currently available for SALSA LipSync Suite v2. The example scene uses a couple of audio files from the EXAMPLES-Core package. For testing, you may substitute your own audio if you… View More

Using MCS characters with SALSA Lipsync

Morph 3D logo

New workflow brings improved 1-click SALSA setup to MCS (Morph3D) characters, introduces new default shape groups that produce great looking… View More

SALSA add-on for UMA DCS

We're very excited to announce the release of our new SALSA add-on for UMA DCS. This support package is for the UMA 2.5+ Dynamic Character System (DCS) released May 21, 2017.  *NOTE: RandomEyes 3D normally supports unlimited custom BlendShapes used for facial expression; however, since UMA DCS characters have no BlendShapes, this feature is unavailable on UMA DCS characters. Instead, we provide custom facial… View More

IBM Watson and SALSA Lipsync

After the launch of the IBM Watson Unity SDK, we were curious about how the text-to-speech service might work with SALSA to deliver real-time text-to-speech-based lip-sync. This can already be achieved with the wonderful RT-Voice asset from Crosstales, but we take pride in SALSA working with as many solutions as possible to make our customers… View More